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Pilgrimage tourism of Bhaderwah
Posted 23 Dec 2016 05:01 PM

1. Kailash Yatra
This Yatra follows Mani Mahesh Yatra and starts with Chari from Gatha in Baderwah and then goes to Vasu ki Nag, Ramtund where it stays for the night and then to Kailash. The Yatra takes place in August and ends on the Kailash Kund. It takes 2 hours to cover the periphery of the Kund. Legend has that Ramtund is a mythological places. Legend has that 7 headed snake is seen in Kund. Another Chari reaches The Kailash Kund from Billawer on the same day when the Baderwah Chari reached the Kund. People from Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur come to join Yatra. After one month the same Chari goes to Asha Pathi and reaches there on the day of Amawas. On this occasion there is Dako folk dance for full nights and people from other communities also participate in these functions...

2. Machail Yatra
The route of the Yatra is Baderwah-Pul Doda-Thatri-Machail. The Yatra started as a family tradition by Thakurs in 1980s has become a major Yatra in the District. The Yatra culminates in Chandi Mata ki Mandir in Machail.
On 1st July the Yatra with around 2000-3000 people come to Baderwah and for 1 month and 18 days Trishul stays in Baderwah. Then Machail Yatra starts towards Chandi Mata Mandir. Buses come from Jammu on 16 August (around 16 buses) about 40,000 people participate in the Yatra. People in the region attracted to Chandi Mata. People from all communities participate and Trishuls by Jains. Temple facility created by the Yatra organizers has halls for all communities and even for different sects in Hindu Community.

3. Mani Mahesh Yatra
This yatra starts from Baderwah with Chari and goes to Mani Mahesh. The Yatra goes in the month of August. In 2006 the Yatra will start on August 7.
This Yatra precedes Kailash Yatra. Around 10000 people participate in the Yatra. Mani Mahesh Yatra comes back after 7 days. The yatra starts with fanfare including the play of trumpets, Baja.

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