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20-day innovative workshop for Kashmiri children concludes
Posted 26 Dec 2016 04:35 PM

A 20-day innovative educational, developmental and rehabilitation workshop conducted for the Kashmiri migrant children and youth living in Muthi camp in Jammu, concluded today.
The workshop was organized by Socio Service Art Group (SSAG), Delhi in collaboration with Oil & Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). SSAG has been conducting various innovative workshops and other beneficial activities for the upliftment of Kashmiri migrants and other underprivileged children and youth continuously for the last 16 years.
The methods incorporated in the workshop conducted at Muthi migrant camp were theatrical elements, spontaneous playfulness, modern techniques and imaginative playful activities. Participants interacted with the specialists in the field of music, painting, sculpting and cultural history which considerably helped them to express their feelings and doubts in a very congenial atmosphere created during the course of the programme.
The workshop not only infused a new confidence among the participants but also prepared the children and youth for future challenges. The programme also provided them the required platform for their expressions, thoughts and also provided required impetus to their latent inherent and creative instincts.
The workshop was conducted by the experts namely Anil K Razdan, Jung S Verman, Jasleen Singh, KL Verma, Parminder Singh, Amrit Kour, Dr Shampa Bhattsacharya, Ananat Pramod and Pradeep Pandita.

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