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Kashmir Dateline, from 1989 to 1997
Posted 30 Dec 2016 12:21 PM

In 1990
January 1. 7 persons including two police personnels were injured when Pak trained militants hurled a hand grenade near the exhibition ground in Srinagar this morning.
January 2. One person was killed when militants exploded two bombs in different parts of Kashmir.
January 3. An IB Inspector was killed by Pakistani trained Kashmiri subversives today while four people were injured in series of bomb explosion in the Valley since last night. Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi lashed out at the National Front Government for its handling of Punjab problem and the Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed's affair.
January 4. Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahebzada Yaqub Khan asserted that there was no change in Pakistan's stand on Kashmir and was committed to the holding of a free and fair plebiscite on the basis of U.N. resolution and the Simla Agreement to resolve the Kashmir issue.
- Indian youth Congress I President Mukul wasnik have demanded the Government order a Judicial Inquiry in to kidnapping of Home Minister's daughter Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed by JKLF and subsequent release of five hard-core terrorists in exchange of her.
-Indefinite curfew was imposed in Srinagar and other towns of Valley in view of the plains by Kashmiri subverives to organise massive demonstrations here tonight to launch a "Quit Kashmir" movement.
January 5. A youth was killed and three others were injured when police opened fire to scare away mobs defying curfew.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed said the Guide lines to the states on tackling communal riots were being reviewed to make them more pragmatic.
- Dr. Farooq Abdullah met a number of central leaders and apprised them of lastest political developments as well as the situation created by the militants in Kashmir Valley.
- Centre gives a long rope to Dr. Abdullah so that he does not feel he is a victim of change in centre. Although hindus of Valley started migrating from the state.
January 6. 30 injured in violent clashes shot outs and explosions in deffereut parts of the Kashmir Valley, as curfew was lifted in some townships and relaxed in others today.
January 7. CRPF Jawan apprehended a hard core Kashmiri militant when about 50 people injured in stone throwing at different places as curfew imposed.
January 8. Pakistan Prime Minister special envoy Abdus Sattar had frank discussions with Foreign Secretary S.K. Singh. Governor K.V. Krishna Rao and Chief Secretary Moosanaza to be replaced.
- Intelligence setup to be toned up to counter militant's threat in Kashmir Valley.
-13 People killed in Jammu and Kashmir clashes army out, indefinite curfew was clamped.
January 9. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today met Prime Minister V.P. Singh and apprised the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
- The situation in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab figured prominently in talks between External Affairs Minister Mr. I.K. Gujral and MS. Benazir Bhuto's special evvoy Mr. Abdul Sattar.
- 79 officials transfered in Jammu & Kashmir, the police sources said today.
- Pak trained subbversives gunned down two police personnels and army was called out in curfew Bound Srinagar as violence continued' unabated in most of the parts of Kashmir Valley.
January 10. Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting P. Upendra ruled out the possibility of any threat to the National Front Government.
- Delhi BJP working committee in its meeting expressed shock over the Kashmir situation and demanded for dismissal of Farooq Govt.
- Hindu Mahasabha today demanded Imposition of Jammu and Kashmir Governor's Rule and dismissal of Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. Also declared that 'save Kashmir' movement will be launched all over the country.
- India's concern over the activities of Pro-Pak militants in Jammu and Kashmir was conveyed in clear terms to Pakistan with a warning by Prime Minister V.P. Singh.
- Two persons and another injured in firing incidents while explosions rocked many parts of Valley. Police, paramilitary forces launches massive combing operations.
January 11. India's Acting Permament Representative to U.N. made it clear that what happens in Jammu and Kashmir is internal matter of India.
- Kashmir Valley continued to be rocked by blasts and incidents of arson as poiice rounded up 19 persons after incidents of firing during curfew relaxation period.
January 12. Pakistan Prime Minister's special envoy Abdu Sattar told news men here that India's concearn over Pakistan's alleged involvement in Kashmir was exaggerated by the media here, Mr. Sattar left for Pakistan.
-Jammu and Kashmir unit of BJP demends dismissal of Farooq Government.
-Jammu and Kashmir state information Minister All Mohammad Sasar said that Government is ready to hold a talks with militant and believes that restoration of Article of 370 of the constitution to its original position a it existed in 1947.
- 12 people injured in series of bomb blast; rocked the Kashmir valley and the Army was called as Pakistani trained subversives continued their campaign of violence.
January 13. BJP has lashed out against the suggestion that the states of Jammu and Kashmir be reverted back to the 1953 position, suggestion was made by state Information Minister Mr. Ali Mohammad.
- Army was asked to stand by in Kashmir arson violence and bombs explosions to continued to rock the Valley, resulting in 12 persons. A bomb blast occured in the Court room.
- Curfew was relaxed in Taral and shopion towns in Pulwana district today.
- Abdus Sattar special envey to Pak. Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was on visit to India for talks on Kashmir issue described his visit successful.
January 14. Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman said that Pakistan is hopeful of normalties between two Countries.
- Union home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed apprised the president R. Venkataraman of the current situation in Punjab and Kashmir.
- One killed in, blasts and cross firing is continue to rock Valley. Miscreants set a blaze school and Government buildings in the Valley.
- Jammu and Kashmir Governor General K.V. Krishna Rao Resigned today.
January 15. 21 men shot in Srinagar, Pro-Pakistani militants continued their terror campaign with more explosions and arson reports.
- India has given a stern warning to Pakistan for unwarranted and unacceptable interfe- rence in Kashmir's internal affairs.
January 16. Pro-Pakistani Government daily 'Pakistan times' commented that Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan would have to make extra efforts to make good relations on Kashmir issue and said that Pakistani Prime Minister must take first opportunity to reiterated Pakistan's right to demand 'self determination for Kashmiris.
- Dr. Farooq Abdullah declared that there is no question of Kashmir's accession with India he also ruled out any talks with militants.
- Bomb blasts reported in Jammu and Kashmir.
- A police man and a Muslim religious leader were found hanged today as terrorist violence in Kashmir took a grue some turn.
January 17. Pakistan Minister of state for defence Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Cheema has denied India's allegation that Pakistani troops along the line of control in Kashmir were engaged in frequent-firing at the Indian forces.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today ruled out the possibility Gover- nor's rule being imposed in Jammu and Kashmir to deal with the growing threat of militants.
- BJP working committee today expressed its shock over the violence in Kashmir and demanded dismissal of Farooq Govt.
- Series of bomb explosions and acts of arson continued to better in various parts of Kashmir Valley, while on Imam of mosque allegedly committed suside in Anantnag.
January 18. Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Said that Jammu and Kashmir situation is worse than Punjab.
- Three bomb blasts rocked the Kashmir Valley.
January 19. BJP will observe Jan, 27 as Kashmir Bachao day to focus the attention on the "grave situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Governor Jagmoham said that my heart bleeds for the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He is remembered as 'man of action' by the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
- Mr. Jogmohan appointed Jammu and Kashmir Governor according to Rashtrapati Bhawan communique.
- Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah submitted his resignation to Governor in Protest of appointment of Mr. Jagmohan as Governor.
January 20. Pakistan's foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan is arriving India tommorrow on a three day visit.
- Left Front Parties charged Pakistani ruling circles and Washington of directly encourag- ing the sepratists in Kashmir Valley.
- Mr. Ved Marwah and Mr. Peer Ghulam Hassan Shah are among the advisors of Governor Jagmohan.
- 300 held 15 persons injured in different parts in Srinagar for violence by mob curfew imposed in Srinagar.
January 21. Prime Minister V.P. Singh declared that there will be no compromise for J.K. problem at the cost of country's integrity.
- Two personnels of Jammu and Kashmir Goverment attched to Jammu and Kashmir house Delhi arrested by Delhi Police under drug trafficking charges.
- India expressd its willingness to weave a new pattern of co-operative relations with Pakistan, said I.K. Gujral at a dinner hosted lor visiting Foreign Minister of Pakistan Yaqub Khan it was also reminded that Simla agreement bound both the countries.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh has announced at New Delhi that an all party meeting will be held to tackle the situation in Jammu and Kashmir which has witnessed large scale o violence in past few months.
- At least 35 people killed and scores hurt ir several places in Srinagar firing, city of Srinagar remained under curfew.
January 22. Sources said that an ugly situation in police head quarter in Srinagar developed, when some officers and men of the state police threatened CRPF officials, who were directing the operations against militants.
- JKLF men sneak in to the capital New Delhi says intelligence sources.
- Jammu and Kashmir BJP Chief quits the House. Thakur Baldev Singh handed over this resignation to speaker.
- Janata Dal spokesman Mr. Jaipal Reddy said that Mr. Jagmohan's appoinment as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir had been done on supraparty considerations.
- Congress I issued a strong protest against what it sees as Pakistan's attempt to "Interfere and interevene" in India's internal affairs, congress I President called Upon the Union Government to refute the statement and take all the steps required to repulse attempts by Pakistan to intervene in our internal affairs.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh and Foreign Minister 1.K. Guiral under stood to have impressed on Yaqub Khan visiting Pakistan Foreign Minister that Pakistan expect imporved ties with India unless it can satisfy New Delhi that Islamabad will not interfere in Indian internal matters, Kashmir in perticular.
- 3 member delegation of National Conference led by Prof Saif-u-Din Soz met the Prime Minister V.P. Singh in New Delhi and urged him to recall Mr. Jagmohan, who they alleged had adopted repressive measures.
- Mr. Jameel Qureshi is appointed 2nd advisor to Jammu and Kashmir Governor Mr. Jagmohan.
- Eight persons killed in firing by the police and security forces in curfew bound area of Srinagar.
-Centre is under stood to have given a clearcut directive to Jammu and Kashmir administration to deal firmly with the violence prevailing in the Valley.
January 23. CPI deplored the Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's reported statement on Kashmir issue, describing it as "blatant interference in India's internal affairs.
- At the political level discussions were held today among the Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Devilal, Home Minister Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Mr. Chandrashekhar over Kashmir situation at New Delhi.
- Kashmir People's Conference Chief Mr. A.G. Gone asked legislators to resign enbloc from Assmebly in protest against the killings.
- Mr. R.K. Takkar took the Charge as a Chief secretary of Jammu and Kashmir from Moosa Raza.
- Mr. Abdul Quyyum President of Pakistan's Azad Kashmir said that more deaths in Indian held Kashmir could spark a human tidal wave accross the prous 1, 400 km Border.
- Congress I president Mr. Rajiv Gandhi criticised the centre's policy on Jammu and Kashmir describing Kashmir as sensitive, Mr. Gandhi claimed that no one had stood up to the challenge of successionist forces as Dr. Farooq Abdullah had "But the new govt. bought the Governor against whom the people of Kashmir have risen.
- Mr. L.K. Advani said in Ahmdabad that the new Governor of Jammu and Kashmir should weed out the Pakistani infiltrators from the state administration and police force.
- Security Guards on U.N. military observers group vehicle opened fire killing two persons and wounding two in curfew bound city as two more places in the Kashmir came under the curfew.
- Sahebzad'a Yaqub Khan is believed to have assured Indian leaders that New Delhi's cancerns would he conveyed to the appropriate quarters. He is on visit to India.
January 24. U.N. Secreterary General Mr. Javier Perez de Cuellar expressed his hope that talks between India and Pakistan would have a successfully out come.
- India has told Pakistan, what ever the cost, it will ensure that Jammu and Kashmir would remain an integral part of India during three day talks between Pakistan Foreign Minister Mr. Yaqub Khan and Indian leaders. Indian leaders has warned Pakistan on its involvement in Kashmir Mr. Yaqub Khan did not deny the charges.
January 25. Four IAF personnels including an officer, were shot, several persons injured and a bomb explosion ripped in a poultry Farm.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh has expressed deep shock over the killing at IAF personnel in Sriniagar and condemmed the terrorist activities in Kashmir.
- Leaders of Pakistani based Kashmir organisations are travelling world capitals seeking support for Pakistani trained militants who have stepped up activities in Kashmir.
- Spokesman of U.N. secretary General has said that Kashmir Issue is still in the agenda of U.N. Security council.
- Radio Pakistan broadcasts monitored here urged the People to extend whole hearted support to JKLF.
- Akali Dal leader Mr. Simarjit Singh Mann arrives in Srinagar. He sympathised with the struggle of the Jammu and Kashmir militants.
January 27. Dr. Farooq Abdullah had a long talks with Prime Minister V.P. Singh on Kashmir issue at New Delhi.
- 5 Journalist of foreign media were asked to leave Srinagar by state authorilies.
- Pakistan may raise Kashmir issue at U.N. said by senior Minister of Pakistan Begum Nusrat Bhutto.
- Pakistan's opposition leaders called for international support for freedom fighters in Kashmir and Afghanistan at a massive rally
- Former Minister of external Affairs K. Natwar Singh said that Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan who had come here to "deliver an ultimatum" should have been politely but firmly put in his place, instead of being feted and fussed over.
- Union Home Minister Mr. Mufti mohammad. Sayeed assured the members of Parliament that Govt. had given a high priority to Jammu and Kashmir and it would not allow militants in Kashmir to succeed.
- Congress I leader Mr. M.J. Akbar objected the appointment of Imam Abdullah Bukhari as emissary to Iran.
-Iran as is evident has joined Pakistan in supporting its J & K Indian Government has sent Imam instead of I.K. Gujral.
-Dr. Farooq Abdullah has long talks with P.M. V.P. Singh and discussed Kashmir problem in detail at New Delhi.
- Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha staged a demonstration in front of the Pakistan high Commission to protest against its role in helping the extremists operating in Kashmir Valley.
- BJP leader Atal Bibari Vajpayee warned Pakistan against interference in internal affairs of Jammu and Kashmir and said that if it continued with its policy, then it will have to face the 80 crore Indians who stand united behind the new Govt.
- Mr. Bhim Singh President of Panthers party urged the Govt. to call All Party meeting for discussion and to find out consensus on Kashmir problem. He accussed Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and Dr. Farooq Abdullah for present situation in Kashmir.
- BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee warned Pakistan against interference in Kashmir.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed assured Parliament that the Govt. had given a top priority to J.K. peace and would not allow any anti national activities,
- BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee warned Pakistan against interference in the internal affairs of India and Kashmir.
-Mr. Jaswant Singh MP. BJP said that his party has suspended its demand for the abrogation of Article 370, as applied to Jammu and Kashmir in response to the prevailing grim situation.
- Mr. Bhim Singh President Panther Party urged All party meet on Jammu and Kashmir and accused Union Home Minister and Dr. Farooq Abdullah of scoring personal points of the cost of helpless Kashmiris.
- Several muslim organisations and prominent community leaders here decided to set up national political front to project and his light the problems of minorities and weaker Sections in the country .
- India has embarked on diplomatic initiatives to apprise countries of the region on the tru state of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, provoked by an orchestrated strategy formulated and implemented by Pakistan, while spreading disinformation.
- 39 persons lost their lives during the last eight days in strike down Valley.
- Two hours relaxation in curfew regulations was introduced at Srinagar today, However, no incident was reported during curfew relaxation hours.
January 28. The talks between the Prime Minister V.P. Singh and Former Chief Minister DR. Farooq Abdullah at New Delhi on finding a solution to Kashmir problem are under stood to have entered a dead look.
- Kashmir police arrested two hardcore terrorists. In the all Kashmir was clam but tense.
- Soviet Foreign Minister Mr. Ecluard Shevardnadze responding to New Delhi's concern over Pakistan's support to successionists in Kashmir, has said that, the Soviet Union condemned foreign interventions in any form in the affairs of India.
- J.K.L.F. had planned to declare Kashmir an Islamic Republic on the occession of the Republic day in presence of foreign journalists specially invited. But the plans foild just as was case in 1953 .
January 29. Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yaqub Khan said that the Kashmir issue is very alive and needed immidiate attention.
- US state Department has called for political dialogue between India and Pakistan for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue under the Simla Agreement.
- Soviet Government has condemned foreign interference in India's internal affairs and extended full support for India's unity and integrity.
January 30. Foreign Minister I.K. Gujral said in Bahrain today that power struggle led Pakistan to anti-India stance.
- Pakistan Parliament will discuss the "Kashmir issue" decided by P.P.P. and Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bush Administration has called upon India and Pakistan to stand by the letter and spirit of the Simla Agreement in finding a solution to the Kashmir crises.
- Cong. I leader M.J. Akbar "called I.K. Gujral's open invitation to "US and China to meddle in the afiairs of Kashmir and Pakistan Clear and unprecedented violation by India of the Simla Agreement.
- No major untoward incident was reported during the curfew relaxation hours.
- Army Chief V.N. Sharma warns Pakistan and said that no body will be allowed to cross our borders in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Pakistan Foreign Minister said that Kashmir issue was alive and that the force was being used to supress the freedom movement in Kashmir a foreign office spokesman commented we find his position unacceptable.
- Pakistan expressed its full support to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their struggle for self determination.
January 31. USSR position on Asia that Kashmir reiterated at news conferences by Mr. G.A. Trofemenko USSR expert on Asia that Kashmir is an integral part of India.
- U.S. sees Pak hand in Kashmir says an official of state department in Washington.
- Opposition unity in Pakistan on Kashmir issue, and wants Pakistan Govt. to raise the issue in U.N.
- Army is ready for any eventuality said Union Minister of state for Defence Raja Ramanna.
- Mohit Sen sees Pak threat and warned for increasing danger of war.
- Congress I spokesman M.J. Akbar said that Govt. should give a fitting reply to Pakistan.
- Dr. Subramanyam Swamy working President of Janata Party said in Madras that there was a danger of India losing Kashmir if the National Front Govt. failed to change their foreign policy.
- From the recall of Governor Jagmohan to immediate dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, restoration of Article 370, and assertion of state authority were some of the option suggested today at the panel discussion to improve the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Members of the organisation of the concerned citizens today expresed their concern over the loss of lives in strife torn Kashmir Valley.
- One CRPF Jawan injured in a cross firing between police forces and militants in 11 hour curfew relaxation in one incident in Vallley.
- Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed today charged Pakistan with posing a security threat to India by politicising the Jammu and Kashmir issue. He also said that reinstallation of Farooq Abdullah was not figuring on the list of centre's priority.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh and Rajiv Gandhi are understood to have been discussed the situation in Kashmir and Pak threat.
February 2. U.N. Secretary General Javier Perez de Cueller is following the situation in Kashmir with intrest and concern and hopes that normalcy will return soon.
- Mufti Mohammad Sayeed will start consultation with opposition parties from tomorrow in bid to prepare for an all party meet on Kashmir.
- Mr. S.K. Singh Foreign Secretary met Mr. Brent Scowcroft President Bush's National Security Advisor in persuance of India's diplomatic initiative to counter Pakistan's propaganda on Kashmir.
- 4 persons killed and ten persons injured in renewed violence in Srinagar and Sopore,. Three voilent incidents reported during curfew relaxation period.
- Foreign office spokesman dismissed as "absolutely incorrect" a Western news agency report from Islamabad alleging troop build up on the Indian side of line of control in Kashmir.
- In a virtual demonstration of India's toughness Prime Minister V.P. Singh warned Pakistan of serious consequences if it tried to threaten India's integraty over Kashmir issue.
February 3. Pakistan People's Party and opposition united on Jammu and Kashmir issue.
- State Administration organised about a dozon simultaneous raids at suspected hide outs of terrorists in Srinagar city.
- Foreign Secretary who is on visit at Washington said that there is no change in US support to India's integrity after, meeting with several leaders there.
February 4. Stray incidents rock Srinagar.
- Foreign secretary S.K. Singh held disscussions with democratic party Congressman Mr. Solarz the avowed purpose of which was to counter Pakistan's disinformation campaign on Kashmir.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed holds advance talks on Kashmir, before calling all party meeting on the subject.
- Pakistan Foreign Minister Shabzada Yaqub Khan today said Kashmir is a disputed matter pending in the U.N. and should be solved through exercise of right of self determination of the people of the Kasmir.
February 5. Militants in Kashmir are said to be regrouping to strike in a big way on or before Feb. 11, the day Maqbool Bhatt, was hanged. Foreign Secretary S.K. Singh refered his highly ssceessful talks on Kashmir in Washington
- Foreign Minister I.K.Gujral said that India was not heading for war with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue but we are capable to face any situation.
- Governor Mr. Jagmohan started operation healing in J.K. Valley to give the relief to people at region.
- Pak army Chief Mirza Aslam Beg sees threat Pakistan Government protested with Indian over casualities caused by Indian troops firing on unarmed civilians at border villages.
- Crowed of 4000 Pakistanis who crossed the international border in Ranbir Singh pura shouting anti India slogans were fired by Indian troops.
February 6. Opposition leaders in the national Assembly blamed the Bhutto Govt. for not taking firmely and bold steps on the Kashmir issue to counter what they termed 'misleading' propaganda by India against Pakistan.
- PPP seems to be projecting the stir in Kashmir as a logical consequences of the restoration of democracy in Pakistan and exit of Zia from the seeme.
- Arabs not with Pakistan on Kashmir issue except lran. Mr. Gujral met with Arab Envoys in New Delhi not a single Arab Govt. critised India on Kashmir.
- Several companies of BSF are being rushed to Jammu and Kashmir to supplement the petrolling along the Indo Pak Border in lo region to prevent any infiltration.
- Thousands of People today demonstrated in villages along the line of control against Feb. 5th's planned violation of LAC by demonstrators from occuppied Kashmir.
- India has advised Pakistan to tone its anti India activities as that was inciting passions across the border and leading to unfortunate situation like Feb. 5th when a mob of 4000 tried to force their way in to Jammu and Kashmir.
February 7. Bush Administration has expressed regret at the loss of lives in border crossings in Kash- mir and urged both India and Kashmir to recognise their responsibility to avoid rhethoric and confront ation.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi urged the N.F. Government to immediately call a special session of Parliament on Kashmir.
- Mr. H.N. Jattoo President of All India Kashmiri Pandit conference is closer to truth in saying that Kashmiri Pandit community was equally suffering along with other communities.
- Governor Mr. Jagmohan's operation Healing steps show positive results.
- Two people were killed in a crossfire between militants and the BSF in Srinagar.
February 8. Five persons indcluding BSF Jawan have been killed in two incidents in Srinagar.
- Mr. P.V. Narsimba Rao suggested certain changes in the draft of declaration to be considered at the all party meeting to arrive at a consensus on Kashmir.
- BJP today asked the Government to ask Pakistan to doseforth with the camps for training militants for carrying out subversive activitives in Jammu and Kashmir.
- The attempts by Pakistan intellegence agencies and the Government in occupied Kashmir to send people in large number across the line of actual control in Jammu and Kashmir were boiled.
February 9. Minor explosions in few stationery buses of SRTC damaged a tourist reception during curfew relaxation hours.
- Mr. Balraj Madhok said in a statement here today that it was wrong to link accession of Kashmir with article 370 of the constitution.
- Congress I President is blamed for present situation in Kashmir, said National Front Government.
- Muslim leaders of India warned Pakistan to desist from international dising the Kashmir issue and advised it to solve with India through negotiations as provided in Simla agreement.
- Jammu and Kashmir border militarily quite reported today by Air chief S.K. Mehra.
- Kashmir editor's cenference had alleged state Government for curb on two daily news papers of Kashmir.
- Janata Dal spokesman Jaipal Reddy blamed National Conference and Cong. I for Present situation in Kashmir.
- Pakistan Parliament to meet to discuss the Kashmir problem and evolve a National consensus.
February 10. Foreign Minister I.K. Gujral strongly feels that internal political conflicts in Pakistan is forcing that country to build up a hysteria and whip up the Kashmir issue,
- Foreign Minister I.K. Gujral tells to Pakistan time in a interview that it was very important for both India and Pakistan to resolve their differences through dialogue to promote peace and cooperation.
- Ex chief Minister of Punjab Mr. Darbara Singh criticised the N.F. Govt. for its steps to handle the Kashmir problem and release of Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed.
- No Jammu and Kashmir response to removal of Art 370.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi attacked NF Government for what he called for its handling of sensitive problems of Kashmir and Punjab.
February 11. Benazir Bhutto Pak P.M. declared that Pakistan is not seeking war with India but looked forwond to a just and lasting solution through peaceful bilateral talks to Kashmir issue.
- BSF had to open afire at crowed of people who crossed the line of actual control fron Pak occupied Kashmir in Uri sector.
- Indian Govt. given a warning to Pakistan on the remarks of Pakistan Prime Minister regarding Kashmir problem.
- Awami National party chief Khan Abdul wali Khan said in Pakistan Parliament that his country can not even harbour the hope of hoisting Pakistan's flag over the Redfort in Delhi and demanded solution of Kashmir problem.
February 12. Soviet Union has reiterated its full support to India on Kashmir issue.
- Dr. Farooq Abdullah ex chief Minister asked the Prime Minister V.P. Singh to explain his Govt's stand on Article 370 in the constitution.
- BJP Sponsored demonstration out side the Pak high commission was marred by minor scuffle between police and demonstrators.
-India today conveyed a deep concern to Pakistan over continuing attempts on the Pakistani side to cross the border in Jammu and Kashmir and urged it to addhere to the path of peace as enshrined in the Simla Agreement.
- Governor Jagmohan has reconmended the dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly.
- Pak firing on Indian positions near the northern border of Kashmir.
February 13. Pakistan envoy to India told to war widows rally that Pakistan Govt. does not want war with India.
- Janata Dal spokesman Jaipal Reddy told news men that Article 370 to stay in the constitution of India.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi has accused National Front Govt. of compromising national security and pride and surrendering to the terrorists in Punjab and Kashmir.
- Director of Srinagar T.V. gunned down by militants, 3 minor explosions rocked Srinagar city.
- Pakistan has urged India to exercise restraint and not adopt a "trigger happy" attitude while dealing with civilians protesting against what it called act of repression in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Visiting Afghan foreign minister Abdul wakil today strongly condemned the acts of successionits in India, who clearly enjoy the foreign support.
- Pakistan plan to train 10000 subversives in Azad Kashmir with the help of Afghan Mujahideens.
February 14. Home Minister Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed told that terrorists were on run and political solution is the only way of Kashmir problem. Several relief measures announced by Governor.
- 3000 passengers were stranded on 300 ksm long Jammu-Srinagar national Highway which has been blocked for vehicular traffic.
- President of Jammu and Kashmir Hindu Mahasabha Poshkar Nath Koul Vakil demanded disqualification from Parliament membership of all the MPS as they were not the real representatives of the people of Kashmir.
- Central leadership of B.J.P. has taken serious exception to an article by former West Bengal finance minister Ashok Mitra on Jammu and Kashmir.
- Members of minority cell of B.J.P. staged demonstrations in front of Pakistan Embassy to protest against its interference in Kashmir.
- 6 persons die and eight injured in four separate incidents of exchange of fire.
February 17. US Government criticises Indian Govt's way of tackling Kashmir situation.
- Governor Jagmohan ordered screapping of list of 1100 home Guards recruited by Dr. Farooq Abdullah Government.
- Three bombs exploded in different areas of Valley one of the blasts damaged a branch of SBI.
-Large number of Arms and amninition seized.
- 43 killed in Srinagar firing when 7000 people staged demonstrations and shouted anti India slogans.
February 18. CBI to take over the investigation of the murder of Mr. Lassa Kaul Director of Srinagar Doordarshan.
- CRPF Jawan shot dead in Srinagar, normalacy has been reported in the other parts of the Valley.
- Jammu and Kashmir will be first priority of the centre was to restore law and order in the Valley stated by Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.
February 19. Mixed reactions on desolution of Kashmir Assembly.
- US probing Indian charge on Kashmir, against Pakistan involvement in Kashmir.
- 78 member Jammu and Kashmir Assembly dessolved by Governor of Jammu and Kashmir.
- AICC General Secretary K.N. Singh took the strong exception to the remarks of Union Home Minister Mr. Sayeed that Present situation in Kashmir is hand work of the Cong I.
- India rejects Chinese offer to mediate in the Kashmir Problem.
- Jammu and Kashmir Assembly dissolved.
- Dr. Farooq Abdullah resigned in protest one killed in Army firing.
February 20. One women was killed when in cross fire between terrorish and CRPF Jawans.
- Mixed reactions on dissolution of Jammu and Kashmir House BJP and N.F. welcomed the decision and N.C. and Cong I criticies the action.
- Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad rally at Pak Mission against Pakistan's attempt to create disturbances in Kashmir.
- French President Mitterrand who arrived in Pakistan said the both India and Pakistan are close firiends of France and they should resolve the tension over Kashmir in accordence with the Simla Agreement.
February 21. Nearly 100 Kashmir militants and civilians have been killed during the last two months.
- Cong. I President Rajiv Gandhi said that V.P. Singh Govt failed miserabley to control the situation in Punjab and Kashmir.
- Goods train derailed near Samba affects several other trains.
- Pakistan Prime Minister Mrs. Benazir Bhutto express her willingness to initiate a dialogue with India to resolve the Kashmir issue in the spirit of Simla Agreement.
February 22. Several procession were taken out, carrying Islamic and J.K.L.F. Flags. Minor explosions rocked the city.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh warned Pakistan not to indulge in internal affairs of Kashmir if so, would get a suitable reply.
- USSR made it clear to Pakistan that there was no question of third Parties involving in the Kashmir issue. It will be resolved within the frame work of Simla Agreement.
- External Affairs Minister I.K. Gujaral warned Pakistan authorities that they should see their own country first and should not interfere in the matter of others.
- Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahabzada Yakub Khan today told the senate that standard document for raising the Kashmir issue in UN is prepared and sent to the different foreign missions.
- Indian Govt today refrained from commecting on Pakistan Prime Minister Mrs. Bhutto's observations regarding her country's willingness to resolve the Kashmir issue in the spirit of Simla Agreement.
February 23. Indian Govt. indicated that dialogue on Kashmir situation would be purposeful and helpful only if Pakistan desists from blatant interference in its internal affairs.
- NF Govt's attempt to envolve a national consensus on like Kashmir has failed to take off as not-to speak of making the main opposition that is Cong. joing hands with them they are finding its difficult to make even their supporters to agree on a common approach.
- Pakistan has approached the Bush administration for using its good offices with India in finding a peaceful solution to the Kashmir dispute.
- US House Foreign Affairs sub committee on Asia and Pacific has decided to continue its probe on Pakistan's involvement in the affairs of Kashmir.
- Janata Dal leader Jaipal Reddy said that all party meet on Kashmir will be called soon.
- Governor Jagmohan cancels plots allotments to 74 legislators.
- 11 hurt as blasts rock Kashmir curfew restrictions were imposed in Kashmir.
- Chief of the Army General V.N. Sharma had asserted if Pakistan dared to attack Kashmir they will face a hot reception.
- Ignoring India's repeated warning a president of the so called Azad Kashmir's party Sardar lbrahim Khan reiterated plans to raise a 100,000 strong cammando force to launch on armed attack on Kashmir.
February 24. CPI leader and G.S. Rajeshwara Rao demanded all party meeting on the Kashmir problem and said that desolution of J & K Assembly is a political blunder.
- Mr. Surinder Kumar Billa President of All India Hindu Shiv Sena demanded that Kashmir Valley be handed over to the Army and shoot-at a sight order issued to deal with militants, also demanded article 370 from the constitution be scrapped.
- External Affairs Minister Mr. I.K. Gujaral said that India was prepared for a dialogue with Pakistan, if it stopped interfering in our internal affairs.
- 3 people were killed two of them in firing opened on security force and six injured in terrorist voilence, several buildings were damaged nearly 200,000 people went in procession to the Shrined Char-i-sharif.
February 25. Cases against Jammu and Kashmir terrorist leaders may be withdrawn to pave way for the political solution of on going Kashmir problem.
February 26. US administration warned Pakistan that US would not help Pakistan in war over Kashmir issue.
- Governor Jagmohan briefs cabinet panel on Jammu and Kashmir situation arived New Delhi. He had a several rounds of meetings with Prime Minister and Home Minister Mr. Sayeed.
February 27. Series of explosions rocked the city and some other towns of Valley since last evening. One employee Navin Sapru Tele communication department shot dead.
- Kashmiri Pandits feel endangered community in Kashmir due to the murder of Tika Lal Taploo.
- Foreign office spokesman today said that neither India's permanent representative U.N. nor UN Secretary General's office has any knowledge of proposed visit by any U.N. official to assess the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, no visa will be given to such type of observer.
- More than 8000 migrant families from Kashmir have been lying in Geeta Bhawan Jammu for the last two months.
- Mr. S.D. Lakhar former Chairman of Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board has been appointed Chairman Jammu-Kashmir services Selection Board.
- Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Maha Sabha has promised to under take the rehabilitation of all Hindus, who are forced to leave their homes in Kashmir in Delhi and else where in the country.
- Mufli-Pronged strategy for Jammu and Kashmir planned to safisfy the economic and other aspirations of the people of the valley in coniultation with Governor Jagmohan.
February 28. Pakistan fails to get support on Kashmir despite high profile political lobbying. According to member of the House foreign affairs committee US.
- UN Official denied on the Report that any UN official to visit Kashmir to assess the situation in the state.
- A senior employee of Telecommunication department was shot dead by tearorists lastnight. Meanwhile more cases of shooting reported in the Valley.
March 1. Looting of houses of minority community in the Velly is reported.
- Governor Mr. Jagmohan arives New Delhi for consultation.
- Government will prevent anarchy in Kashmir stated by Central Government.
- 30 die in Kashmir firing when security forces opened fire on stone pelting mob in two incidents near Jakorta and Barzulla.
-Jagmohan asked Delhi bases newspaper correspondentes to leave Srinagar.
- Uncertainty continues to haunt the residents of Kashmir Valley in the wake of political. expediency that has led the administration to adopt 100 lying postures in facing the successionists.
March 2. Pakistan today criticised the Indian security force's action in Srinagar. India also accused Pakistan of aiding and abetting militants and Jammu and Kashmir.
- US Govt. sees no Pak hand in Kashmir. State Department statement says.
- Plots alloted to legislators by Jammu development Authority cancelled by Governor of J & K Mr. Jagmohan.
- Curfew clamped in Jammu and Kashmir towns, one shot dead.
March 3. Jammu and Kashmir terrorist gang smashed in Baramulla distt. curfew retained in Kashmir Valley.
March 4. Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting P. Upendra assured delegation of NUJ that then was no censoriship of news in Kashmir.
- 3rd day on relaxation in curfew in Valley.
- Kashmir migrants seek shelter at New Delhi 400 Hindu families migrated from Kashmir to New Delhi.
March 5. Two persons killed as security forces opened fire at Bandipora to disperse violent mob while militants gunned down one person in Srinagar.
- Congress I President Rajiv Gandhi met with President R. Venkataraman to discuss the problem of Kashmir.
- Kashmir solution through civic administration stated by Prime Minister V.P. Singh.
- BJP today urged Center to consider asking UN observes to withdraw from Kashmir.
- Kashmir migrants hold rally at New Delhi and submitted the memorendum to Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh to hold talks on Jammu and Kashmir issue.
March 6. Congress I President Rajiv Gandhi stated that his party, along with others like minded parties intends to visit Kashmir together as soon as possible. He expressed his willingness in a latter to V.P. Singh.
- Planning panels official to meet Mr. Jagmohan Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to discuss the size of Annual Plan for 1990-91.
- It is reported that mediaman leaving Kashmir after gunning incident of Dr. Handoo some journalists recieved threats from separatists out fits.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh began talks with Rajiv Gandhi and others to evolve a national consensus to deal with sensitive situation in Jammu and Kashmir.
March 7. EEC has shared India's concern over Pakistan's interference in Jammu and Kashmir and held that Kashmir issue should be resolved peacefully through bilateral negotiations in the spirit of Simla Agreement. This was discussed in political level meetings of Inder Kumar Gujral with the EEC Foreign Ministers Mr. Gujral had a talks with Troika Ministers.
- Two Jammu and Kashmir Cong. I General Secretaries resigned from the party in protest against what they termed as the wrong policies of the party high command on Kashmir issue.
- Cong. I General Secretary Mr. K.N. Singh claimed that Government agreed to our plan of action on Kashmir issue which was spelt-out by Mr. Gandhi at the five hour meeting on Jammu and Kashmir.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi expressed the view that National Front Government dialogue with major political parties on Kashmir issue turned out to be fruitful to 'some degree'.
- Daily over 400 people have been leaving Valley.
March 7. Jammu and Kashmir Governor appealed to minority community not to leave the Valley as security measure had been further geared up for their support.
- Three people including a paramilitary Jawan were killed in militant violence during curfew relaxation in Srinagar.
- Latest statement of US Department of state spokesman on the happenings in Jammu and Kashmir has surprised New Delhi causing the foreign secretary Mr. S.K. Singh to take up the matter with US Embassador.
- All party team to visit Srinagar tody including congress I President Rajiv Gandhi.
- Bush administration made a Singnificant Pronouncenment that it does not advocate a plebiscite to determine the states of Kashmir but feels that if should be resloved peacefully by India and Pakistan through political dialogue, under Simla accord.
March 8. Pakistan Foreign Minister Sahebzada Yaqub Khan called for a fair and just settlement of the Kashmir dispute. Mr. Khan was on three day visit to Dhaka where he has given his statement.
- Current all party mission to Kashmir has created an air of uncertainity in the state National Conference leaders seem to be convinced that Dr. Farooq Abdullah is on his way back.
- Cong. I Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Vice President Mr. Glulam Hassan Pinglana and the youth congress I General secretary Aziz Amin resiged from the party.
- Sharp exchanges mark all party team visit between former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and BJP leader Mr. Jaswant Singh an sercastic remarks regarding Governor Jagmohan.
- BJP reiterated its stand on abrogation of Article 370 of the constitution giving special status to Kashmir.
- India welcomed the reaffirmation of the US stand by the US Assisstant Secretary of State Mr. John Kelly put the Kashmir issue should be resolved bilaterally by India and Pakistan in the spirit of Simla Agreement.
- Union law Minister Dinesh Goswami indicated that centre is not averse to initiating talks with militants Groups to evolve political solution to Kashmir problem.
- Two killed and 11 hurt in Jammu and Kashmir firing between militants and security forces in some areas of Srinagar, during the curfew relaxation hours.
- Hundreds of families from Kashmir marched in a protest rally to boat club New Delhi to highlight their problems as refugees to complain against the insensitive attitude of the Delhi Administration and to tell their tragic tales of displacement. In a memorandum to V.P. Singh Kashmir Samiti asked for immediate neceessary arrengement for their shelter, food, etc and Rs. 2,500 per month allowence.
- Mr. Praveen Shankar Kapoor Dekhi Khatri Samaj Delhi demanded army deployment in Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.
- Union Minister for Information and Broadcast said in Press conference Hyderabad that all parties appreciated the problem in proper perspective. He hinted at a visit of a delegation of all parties to Kashmir in the next few days.
March 9. India expressed its concern over president Ershad's statement on Kashmir.
- Pakistan foreign Minister Sahebzada Yakub Khan requested Bangladesh to take diplomatic initiative to hold special organisation of Islamic Conference over Kashmir.
- Diplomatic sources feel that Bangladesh has changed its mind over Kashmir. The change of opinion was reflected over the concern President Ershad expressed to the Council of editors on 8th March over killings of muslims in Kashmir. Story published in 'Sanghad story'.
- China's soft view on Kashmiris in response to the considerate stand taken by India on Tibet. At a seminar on Sino India relations organised by Oxford University recently some experts said China's stand an the issue of Kashmir was no more absolutely pro Pakistani.
- Major gain of the visit of all party delegath to Kashmir Valley yesterday is that all parties want to tackle the explosive situation by forgetting party politics and by standing. one man behind the central Govt. in evolving a lasting solution to nagging problem.
- Many suceessionists and extremists out fit active in Valley of Kashmir now almost have Delhi within its reach. Governor Jagmohan's private residence in Delhi could become the soft target of militants security measures have been stepped up the around.
- Two CRPF Jawans injured when their vihicle was attacked by militants.
- Kashmir militants kidnapped four intelligence officials attaached with VIP security after torching their matador in Srinagar city.
- More than 100 lawyers today warned all political leaders, especially Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah to keep their hands off in Kashmir and allow over Governor Jagmohan to deal with a situation firmly.
March 9. Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, has welcomed the under taking by Prime Minister Mr. V.P. Singh seeking to bring together leaders of all political parties to develop a reasonable, common front approach to Kashmir Issue. He was speaking in Washington.
- J.D. Political Affairs committee met here in evening to consider the Kashmir question and also modelities of power sharing with friendly parties in various states.
- Another round of all party meet on Kashmir held.
- There were a slogans against Rajiv Gandhi and Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed during the demonstrations taken out by migrants in Jammu.
- Cong. I has expressed its conditional readiness to present an alternatives "Action Plan" to sort out the Kasnmir tangle.
- Congress I General Secretary Mr. K.N. Singb told newsman here that his party meeting on Kashmir stated to be held on Saturday.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi and former Chief Minister Dr. Farooq Abdullah met President R. Venkataraman and discussed the situation in the Kashmir Valley.
- Rajiv Gandhi's performence in Srinagar and on Kashmir issue was criticised by several corners, PCCI J.K. workers under heavy protection. This also felt that during Prime Ministership Mr. Gandhi did not visit Kashmir, even though he was fully aware of gravity of situation.
March 10. In a bid to revive the political process in Kashmir Valley 26 leaders belonging to fire major political parties and the National conference, recommended the appointment of a cabinet minister at the centre to look after the affairs in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Prime Minister Mr. V.P. Singh declared that present attitude of Pakistan has been disappointing and as far as the question of unity and integrity of the country was concerned we have told Pakistan quite forcefully that there could be no compromise on it.
- Five Jawans of J & K Police who were kidnapped by militants in Zaidagar locality in Srinagar on 9th March were released following a vigorous combing action by the police.
- Budget session of Parliament commencing on March 12 will pay the attention on Kashmir ruling National Front will have to face hard facts in so far as the Kashmir situation is concerned.
- Security Forces have sounded an alert against fresh attempts to Kashmir militants to kidnap people. Security forces have nabbed a top militants during recent raids in the Valley.
- BJP, CPM and the CPI have decried behaviour of the Cong. I leader and former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi during an all party visit to Kashmir on March 8-9-1990.
March 12. Pakistan has categorically ruled out the possibility of supporting the Jammu and Kashmir militants demand for an independent Kashmir State.
- 13 Cong. MPs appeals that All political parties and groups should rise to the occession and on the Kashmir issue to ensrure that the process towards national consensus does not get vitiated.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi asked V.P. Singh in a letter that "Urgent and complete action on the Proposal, Jointly agreed upon in the recent all party meeting on Kashmir is essential to land credibility to the initiatives being taken by "all of us jointly".
- Thousands of people belonging to different communities today took out a silent procession have to express solidarity with Jammu and Kashmir Governor Jagmohan and Union Govt. in their fight against sucessionist in the Kashmir Valley.
March 13. President R.Venkataraman today reaffirmed the National Front Govt's resolve to brook no interference" from any quarter in Kash- mir and act firmly against the 'external forces. He was addressing budget session of parliament.
- Militants attacked the residence of intelligence officer at Soura officer was injured.
- Two persons killed by Pakistani trained militants in Srinagar.
- Foreign Ministers from several Arab State met for a special Arab league summitt strongly endorsed the stand taken by India on Kashmir issue.
- Mr. Yaseer Arafat has called on Pakistan to adhere to the spirit and letter of the Simla Agreement.
- Ex Ambassador to US Dr. Karan Singh has warned V.P. Singh Ministry against approach to dealing with Kashmir problem on sectarian base.
- Cong. I statement over Jammu and Kashmir problem.
- Ex Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi critisises Jagmohan J.K. Governor for mess in the State.
- Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto today reiterated her country's support to successionists in Kashmir and demanded that India allow U.N. fact finding teams and representatives of the organization of Islamic Conference to visit Srinagar.
- P.M. V.P. Singh warns Pak against misadventure in Jammu and Kashmir.
March 14. Several hundred workers of BJP demonstrated in a rally at Boat Club New Delhi and demanded stern steps in J.K. and submitted memorandum to V.P. Singh P.M.
- George Fernandes Minister for J. Kashmir Affairs meets valley migrants in New Delhi.
- Minister for J & K Affairs Gearge Fernandes given the statement on situation in the Parliament.
- Pakistan P.M. Benazir Bhutto said addressing press conference that Pakistan will not com- promise on Kashmir issue and extend full support to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their struggle.
- Cong. I pleaded in Rajya Sabha that political authority in Jammu and Kashmir must be restored to politicians state Assembly be revived.
- Ancestrral house of late Shri Shaikh Abdullah set on fire in Soura locality.
- State Govt announced a package to boost agriculture production.
- Several injured when police lathi charged to disperse women's procession, women processionist provoked by Benazir Bhutto's speech on occupied territories.
March 15. Indian Govt lodged an oral protest against Pakistan Prime-Minister Benazir Bhutto's recent remark on Kashmir problem.
- Maldives President Maummon Abdul Gayuom said that his country do not see the situation in Kashmir as religious one but as political problem.
- Union External Affairs Minister Mr. I.K. Gujral stated in Lok Sabha, Govt will take every step to defend the countrie's vital intrests in Kashmir, even if Pakistan tried its best to harm them.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed announced in Parliament that Govt would soon unveil an action plan on Jammu and Kashmir and call on all party meeting to discuss the Problem.
- Akhil Bharat Hindu Maha Sabha urged Prime Minister, resolve the crises in Kashmir Valley, Sabha President Savarkar Submitted the memorendum to Mr. Jagmohan Governor of Kashmir.
- Mr. Ghulam Rassol Mattoo Member of Rajya Sabha National Conference tendered his resignation from the membership of House due to the threats from militants.
- State Governor Mr. Jagmohan meets with report published in evening daily that Jammu and Kashmir Governor Mr. Jagmohan is likely to be replaced was officially denied.
- Congress I has setup a cell for Kashmir migrants in the AICC Office.
- Ladakh Buddhist Association condemned Pakistan's interference in India's internal affairs.
- An explosion rocked koker Bazar in Srinagar during 12 hour curfew relaxation.
- Curfew imposed in phulwma town. In other parts situation is normal.
- BSF seized a huze cache of arms in Akhnoor area was trying to sneak in to India from Pakistan.
March 18. All party advisory committee on Kashmir visited migrant camps, committee also met Governor Jagmohan. Four people including Policeman and I E officials were reported killed while three explosions rocked Kashmir Valley.
- Muhazzins become targets of militants.
March 19. Two persons killed and three injured in violent incidents in Kashmir Valley.
March 20. George Fernandes Minister for Jammu and Kashmir Affairs fails to contact anti accession political leaders due to threat from militants through posters and wall papers.This was his 2nd visit to Valley.
- Mr. A.K. Raina Deputy Director of state, Food and supply department was fatally shot in his office, while curfew was relaxed for 12 hours in the Valley.
- Sardar Sherbaz Khan Mazari opposed to Pak interference in Kashmir.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed declared that no abrogation of Act. 370.
March 21. Security Forces assisted by Jammu and Kashmir police launched a big offensive against Pakistani trained militants and arrested at least 16 people.
March 22. Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Mirza Aslam Beg has said that his country stands for a just, peaceful and political resolution of the Kashmir issue.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh declared in news conference today that attempts to dilute Simla agreement are not friendly gestures conductive to Indo-Pakistan dialogue.
March 23. Pakistani envoy Mr. Bashir Babar hails amity gesture and said that Pakistan Prime Minister had declared her Govt desire to open a new era in tension free and cooperative relations.
- Pakistan President Ghulam Ishaq Khan today said that "our Eastern Neighbour has not only made great strides in increasing its defence capabality but is also creating unrest in the region.
- 33 more militants arrested by security forces The printing press where the successionist literature of Hizbul Mujahideen was being printed was also seized.
March 24. Mr. L.K. Advani BJP leader told while addressing lawyers that Govt has to develop "a new perspective" to the Kashmir issue and hard decisions would have to be taken.
- Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen said during the discussions with Forign Minister I.K. Gujral that Chinese attitude towards Kashmir issue was a "fair and objective".
- Chief Minister of Pakistan's Punjab province Mr. Nawaz Sharif has said that a fund with an initial sum of Rs. 5 crore has been setup by his party "Islamic Jamhoori Itehad" to help militants in Kashmir.
- Jammu and Kashmir Panthers party president Bhim Singh today announced formation of "State Liberation Army" to liberate the territory of Kashmir under Pak occupation.
- Mr. Mir Ghulam Mustafa one of the three independent member of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was kidnapped by Kashmir militants. Mustafa had successfully negotiated with militants in securing the release of Dr. Rubaiya Sayeed.
- After discussion at higher level a Govt of India has formulated its Kashmir policy the main aspects of which are, suppression of terrorism, keeping a channel open for a dialogue with militants with in the frame work of Indian constitution.
March 25. Advisory committee on Kashmir Affairs Mr. George Fernandes Minister Incharge of Kashmir Affairs has not yet convened a meeting despite the repeated demand of Cong (I) and National Coference.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed cancelled his proposed visit to Jammu because of his preoccupation with the current Parliament session.
- Union Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed urged the militants to shun violence and join the mainstream.
- Mir Mustafa ex MLA of Jammu and Kashmir who was kidnapped and Ghulam Nabi Butt killed by militants. Pak based fundamentalist organisation "Hizbul Mujahideen has claimed responsibility for Kidnapping and killing.
March 26. Cong. (I) walk outs in Lok Sabha over Kashmir against the refusal of speaker to combine the calling attention motion on the migration of minorities from Kashmir and general discussion on the same subject.
- Lok Sabha discussed the plight of Hindu and Sikh refugees who had to flee the Kashmir Valley in the wake of warnings, threats and killings by terrorists.
- BJP flays progressives on Jammu and Kashmir and demanded that Army should destory the training camps of terrorists run by Pakistan.
- Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat expressed deep concern for the State of relations between India and Pakistan and hoped that solution would be arrived through dialogue under the fram work of Simla Agreement
- Mr. G.R. Kar Former President of Jammu and Kashmir PCC (I) today maintained that no useful purpose would be served by continuing on the recently constituted all party advisory committee on Jammu and Kashmir Affairs.
- Prime Minister V.P. Singh today warned Pakistan that it would have to pay a heavy price for any misadvanture in Kashmir, by way of any avert or convert interference with India's territorial integrity.
March 27. Army conducted a flag march in Jammu and Kashmir where indefinite curfew was clamped, following group clashes, while two persons killed and three injured.
- Chinese are reported to have cautioned Pakistan against resorting to direct interference in Kashmir which might gives rise to a situation of confronation and conflict betwen India and Pakistan.
- Congress I demanded revocation of the reported order by Delhi administration that it would not accept any influx of refugees from Strife torn states of Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir.
- Govt has refered the issue of the revival of Jammu and Kashmir Assembly which was dessolved by Governor to Law ministry This was informed by Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in Rajya Sabha.
March 28. Massive hunt has been launched for the activists, who escaped from Jail. An inquiry is being conducted.
- Former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi will lead the March of the Cong. (I) MPs to Rashtrapati Bhawan on 29th March to voice the party's concern at the deteriorating situation in Jammu & Kashmir.
- Union Home Minister Mr. Mufti Mohammad Sayeed assured Lok Sabba that the neccessary arrangement has been made to ensure that infiltrators did not enter Kashmir from accross the border.
- UK expressed hope that India and Pakistan will be able to settle the Kashmir issue through bilateral negotiations and has criticised those who espouse violence for political end's in the state.
- Bhartiya Jan Sangh President Balraj Madhok Demanded the reconstitution of Jammu and Kashmir, with separate state hood and legislatures for Jammu and Kashmir and Union territory states for Ladakh to preserve the identifies of their people.
- Kashmir Militants have not succeeded in their desperate bid to ensure an interrupted flow of arms and Ammunition from Pakistan by winning over the Guiiar Muslims living in the Border areas of Poonch and Rajouri sectors of Jamrnu region.
- Two intruders from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir were shot dead 200 meters on the Indian side of the Line of Actual control this morning, when security forces opened fire after several warnings to a virulent slogan shouting mob attempting to cross the line from Rauta village on the Pakistan side.
- Twelve JKLF activists including top ranking Khurshid Chalkoo and captain Rashid, escaped from the Srinagar central Jail. Director General of Prisions removed and three officials of Jail dismissed,
- The Simmering differences among the 40 odd subversive groups, operating in the Kashmir Valley and broadly representing two streams in the current separatist movement, have now come out openly in the wake of the grusome murder of Mr. Mustafa an independent member of dessolved legistative Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir.
- BJP General Secretary Murli Manohar Joshi said in Calcutta that J & K. administration still harboured pro-Pakistani and pro-militant elements.
March 29. In all 397 infiltrators were killed on the borders during 1989 while 35, 746 of them were arrested. Home Minister said in Lok Sabha in a written reply 28 intruders killed in Kashmir, Stated in lak Sabha.
- Home minister told Janardana Poojary that Govt. had no specific evidence so far that Afghan youth have infiltrated in Kashmir to indulge in subversive activities replying to the question in Lok Sabha Home Minister said that steps were being taken to check any infitration in the Valley.
- Mr. I.K. Gujral External Affairs Minister said during question hours in Parliament that India's case on Kashmir was going by default in the United States. US President George Bush written a letter to Mr. V.P. Singh appreciating India's policies on Kashmir and said they were on the right track.
- Several Cong. (I) members in Rajya Sabha sharply criticised the Govt's handling of the situation in Kashmir, which they said was deteriorating day by day, the latest manifestation of its being the escape of 12 JKLF militants from Srinagar Jail.
- Recent incidents rocking the Valley have shaken the confidence of Kashmiri Pandits and have left them wondering whether they could ever live in Kashmir with dignity and honour following the development of Islamic Fundamentalism in all walks of life including the administration.
- Annual report for 1989-90 of External Affairs Ministry says that there have been disturbing developments in the form of increased support by Pakistan to terrorism directed against India in Jammu and Kashmir.
- Congress I President Mr. Rajiv Gandhi Presented a memorandum to President R. Venkataraman voicing serious concern at the fast worsening situation in Kashmir. Mr. Gandhi also led a March of Cong. I MPs to Rashtrapati Bhawan from Parliament House.
- Home Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed told the Lok Sabha that more detainees in Kashmir were being shifted to prisons out side the state to prevent further Jail breaks. This step has been taken after 12 militants, escaped from Jail on 28th March.
- Pakistan expressed outrage at the shooting deaths of two people who stormed across the ceasefire line dividing occupied Kashmir.
- State administration has set up a special commissionary in border districts of Poonch and Rajouri in Jammu.
- Militants ambushed Central Reserve Police force patrol parties in five places in downtown areas ofSrinagar, 11 person killed. Escape of 12 militants from Jail has given a phillip to terrorist activities.
March 30. Security forces today dealt a crushing blow to the militant movement in Kashmir Valley, killing 10 subversives trying to cross into Pakistan and an "Area commander" of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front.
- Concern of organisation such as committee for political initiatives on Kashmir and the State unit of the PUCL about the 'State terrorism unleashed by the security forces in Kashmir Valley has evoked sharp reaction. among the political and social Circles in the State perticularly in Jammu region. Kashmir Pandit migrants Who have to fiee from the Valley in the

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