Three Indian films were submitted at the Golden Globes 2017 awards and here is brief description about them. -
Three Indian films were submitted at the Golden Globes 2017 awards and here is brief description about them.
Posted 03 Jan 2017 12:05 PM

It becomes a moment of pride when something that has its origin in India, crosses the borders to compete with the rest of the word. Three Indian films Interrogation, When The Woods Bloom and Sometimes were competing for the upcoming Golden Globes in the category of Best Foreign Film. Though they might have been out of the race in the final list of nominations, but they have truly left a mark in the minds the selection committee. You might have heard little about these films, but a deeper look into their content will prove why they are not worth a miss.

Here is all that you need to know about these three films that were submitted to the Golden Globes Awards this year.
Interrogation is a film directed by South Indian filmmaker Vetrimaaran from Tamil Nadu. The film deals with the political corruption and police brutality. Four friends in search of a better livelihood cross borders of their state and enter Andhra Pradesh. Despite being surrounded with the worst of situations, they remain positive and sleep in public parks. A ray of hope shines their way when one of them gets a job in a shop. But their happiness seems to be short lived when the sudden turn of events wrongly accuse them of stealing jewelry from a local residence. They are arrested, interrogated and given third-degree treatment for a crime they did not commit. It is a raw and hard-hitting film which may be difficult to watch as the constant brutality of the system strikes its way into the visuals.

When The Woods Bloom
When The Woods Bloom tells an agonizing tale about the cultural division in Kerala. Kerala is nationally known for being one of the most educated states in the nation and is popular for its left-leaning attitude. Directed by Bijukumar Damodaran, also known as Dr. Biju, an Indian homeopathic doctor turned filmmaker and screenwriter, the film tells the story of a battalion of police deployed by the Indian government to get rid of a Maoist group in a village. A police officer is sent into the jungle to capture the chief of this organization, who happens to be a woman. He gets lost in the forest with the prisoner who knows the routes within the jungle. They eventually form an unlikely bond.
Another Tamil film was pushed for the Golden Globes. The film tackles with one of the most avoided subjects, the threat of HIV/AIDS. It has been directed by National award winning director Priyadarshan. In the southern side of India, he is popular for making comedy films. This time he decided to experiment.

In the film, we see one woman and six men gathered in the waiting room of a clinic to get investigated for HIV virus. They anxiously await the test results. But as the clock ticks slowly, they begin to overcome their anxiousness and there is a different kind of atmosphere. Eventually one of the patients eavesdrops a nurse repeating about her financial problems and then he comes up with an idea.
The man approaches her with a bribe in exchange for information on the test result. The nurse agrees. But her answer does nothing to ease the tension of the waiting patients. One of them is infected, she whispers, all others are HIV free. It’s a slow moving film which demands the same amount of patience from the viewer, just like the clinic asks from the patients.

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