Movie Review : Kung Fu Yoga- A dull affair. -
Movie Review : Kung Fu Yoga- A dull affair.
Posted 04 Feb 2017 11:02 AM

It is a absolute disappointment after watching the movie being a fan of jackie chan, the film turned out to be a major snoozefest, notwithstanding the fact that Chan was his usual inimitable self.

Set in India, Dubai and China, the film revolves around Jack (Chan), a renowned archaeologist on a mission with his acolytes and a couple of Indian beauties to locate a royal treasure, which has been missing since ages and is being coveted by a prince (Sonu Sood). What follows is a poor man's version of 'National Treasure' and 'Indiana Jones' as Chan and his team battle goons and solve puzzles in order to find the treasure.

Jackie is energetic as ever, but the man looks quite jaded and leaves his younger co-stars to execute most of the action sequences. Sood looks quite dashing but hams like there is no tomorrow and his diction is unintentionally funny. Disha and Amyra look pretty enough.

Though the visual effects are decent enough, what leads to the film's undoing is a loose plot and an uninspired execution. Most of the scenes are disjointed and for some reason, the makers thought that they could impress viewers by showing them levitating monks and the 'Indian Rope Trick' (Guys, this is 2017, for crying out loud!!).
The action scenes are somewhat decent (specially the car chase sequence with an unexpected backseat passenger), but in the absence of a strong plot or interesting characters, the action scenes too don't make much of an impact as such.

If you are a die-hard Jackie Chan, please heed my advice and avoid this film (stick to his old films or even the Rush Hour series if you absolutely must see him in action this weekend).

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