Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 6 - 12 February, 2017 -
Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 6 - 12 February, 2017
Posted 06 Feb 2017 11:41 AM

Before you is a week of events with important implications for your future, no matter how unimportant they will look at this stage. Be careful what decisions you take and what promises you give.
Scorpio men will remember this week with an opportunity for success that fate will give them.
Dreams will be associated with a woman, which will play an important role as a prediction of your future.
This week you will have important, interesting opportunities that will determine your future conversation with a relative or friend. It is possible to receive an invitation or suggestion from such a person.
An important event will take place with a person from another location or community. This person is probably from amongst your friends or family environment.
Expect special moments, surprises, or gestures of attention and love.
Be careful on Friday and Saturday, then neither event will be accidental.

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