Adopt these three simple healthy habits to keep stress at bay -
Adopt these three simple healthy habits to keep stress at bay
Posted 09 Feb 2017 03:21 PM

New Delhi: Stress is an inescapable common thing that all of us experience. While stress can arrive from many areas of life, this common problem can also be managed using different tactics that combat stress or promote healthier lifestyles.
Making few changes in your lifestyle such as, maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle habits is one of the best ways to find relief from stress. These include:

Healthy, balanced diet
Eating the right foods can offer some real stress relief. Studies recommend eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day while focussing on foods rich in vitamins B and C, and magnesium that help reduce stress.

Regular physical activity reduces stress, anxiety and helps fight depression. Exercise improves your mood, keeps your weight in control.

Stress can affect your in many ways, including the quality of your sleep, leading to stress-induced sleep problem. Knowing the links between stress and sleep can be beneficial as many of the techniques that promote 'good sleep' help reduce stress levels. No matter how stressed you are, embrace the strategies that boost sleep to find relief from stress.

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