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5 romantic party themes and how to decorate your home for V-Day
Posted 14 Feb 2017 03:53 PM

With Valentine’s Day here, everyone is going gaga over how to get it right to make the day extra special for their partner. From choosing the best gifts to getting the right look and prepping for each day of the week well in advance, people make a lot of efforts too woo their loved ones.

But, V-Day is not just about selecting gifts or looking your prettiest best. Amid all the excitement and zeal, choosing a rare theme for the dinner party is also on most people’s lists. Whether it is just the two of you or your friends and family as well, going that extra edge becomes the need of the hour if you decide to throw a V-Day party. Making it innovative and interesting could be a challenge, especially due to the unending rush during the entire week of love.

Elegant garlands, picture collages, sweet treats, heart-shaped designs, scented candles or just turning it all into red and pink for the day — there are a zillion ways to spice up interiors. Thinking of adorning walls with colourful hangings or getting the floral look? Wait. Don’t go down the dull road this time.

Opt for something new and classy that would linger in the minds of your guests for a long, long time. Here are some uncommon suggestions to lend the much-needed zing to your party plans!

Choose from these five cool and quirky interior decoration ideas and impress your guests on February 14:
Build a fandom
Are a Game of Thrones fan, can’t get over Harry Potter or is the world of F.R.I.E.N.D.S keeping you busy? If your girlfriend is a fan girl or vice versa, create a party themed around their favourite characters from the virtual world. And if it’s not anyone from television, movies or books, think about the things that they admire the most and base your decor theme around it. A warriors theme, a fairyland, a candy shop or just a vegetable market, choose what is on their mind all the time.

Make it three shades darker
What’s with all the sweet love floating around as Valentine’s Day comes near? If your love has a dark side, let it come out in the open. Go for ghost heads or blinking lamps and dim light with red interiors and give it all a mysterious edge. Beguile your lover and charm him in your spell to celebrate the deep and secretive side of love this time around.

Craft it smart
If you love art and craft, then use your talent to make it extra special for your loved one. Make a creative multistory greeting card or decorate the wall with sundry shapes of colourful glossy paper. Stick old memorabilia on the wall and hang strings of unique tidbits of fancy classic collection that you two own. Let the decor tell your love story.

Mingle if you’re single
Are you single? Instead of cribbing about Valentine’s Day or lazing around, light up your spirit by decorating your surroundings with memories of love that your near and dear ones usher on you each day. So what if you don’t have a partner, you are blessed with those who go that extra mile just for your happiness in return — friends, family, pets, relatives, neighbours and God! It’s time to return the favour by saying what we miss to speak out most of the times. Make a collage for your loved ones highlighting your favourite moments together!

Fun with friends
Who said the day dedicated to love was meant to be celebrated exclusively with your lover? Friends mean the world to us! So, why not make merry with them on Valentine’s Day? This V-Day, dedicate yourself to decorate the party venue with all the things that connect you to your friends! Jot down BFFs with spray paint or bedeck rooms with festoons and weird pictures from your school or college days… Celebrate it in style!

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