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10 Easy But Effective Ways To Keep Your Eyes Sparkling Forever
Posted 26 Nov 2016 03:33 PM

1. Aloe vera- Cornerstone of Blooming Eyes
Use pure aloe vera gel around your eyes for moisturizing them, and keeping the sensible skin of that area supple. Aloe vera is also known for its lightening properties so it would be effective for fighting dark circles too. Eyes are windows to the soul. Having mesmerizing and beautiful eyes creates the best of impressions. Here’s how to keep those eyes healthy and spread your mystique.

2. Let your eyes do the talking
The crucial pre-requisite for healthy eyes is that they must look active and animated. Somehow, due to our hectic, busy lives, they do not get the rest the require. Mint leaves come in handy for this. Crush them and apply the paste near your eyes. Voila! Your eyes feel instantly refreshed!

3. Clean Eyes With Indian Gooseberry Powder
The key to beautiful eyes is their health. Use Indian gooseberry powder or the Ayurvedic Triphla Churna for washing your eyes. They will clean your eyes and keep those eye infections at bay.

4. Fennel Seed Water- Relieves The Eyes
Another wonderful recipe for washing your eyes is fennel seed water. Boil some fennel seeds in water, let it cool and then strain it. Finally, wash your eyes with that water.

5. Beautiful Eyelashes
Before sacking out every night, apply a little petroleum jelly on your upper eyelash-line and the skin around. This makes your eyelashes stronger and hydrates them as well as the skin around your eyes.

6. Granny’s choice- Ghee
Another cool product for beautiful eyes is pure ghee. Massage ghee around your eyes and kiss those fine lines goodbye.

7. Recycle and be beautiful
Recycling is always good. Do this with used green tea bags by putting them on your eyes for some time and get amazingly bright eyes.

8. Recycle Chamomile tea bags too
Chamomile tea bags can also be used in a very similar fashion for getting rid of dry eyes.

9. Forget those dark circles
In case you have severely dark circles around your eyes and can’t skip that party, go smoky-eye. This would withdraw attention from those dark circles and add charm to your look.

10. Sleeping beauty!
And above all, never ever skip that beauty sleep.

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