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The word Board Exams brings a kind of tension in everyone’s mind when one hears about it. The child who has to face it in the coming few months gets so much stressed as if it is not only an exam, but a kind of War in which he has no other option, but to win. And because of this, some of them either get so much stressed that they ignore their health. The stress level is so much high that many cases are seen of students’ committing suicide before the day of results that if they will not be able to meet up the expectations of everyone, what will happen? How would they feel? All are waiting for board exams date sheet .

It is the reality of our society where a talent is still counted on the basis of the percentage he/she scores in his board exams. Everybody wants his/ her child to be the best. This stress is then transferred on the shoulders of the Child. If you can’t imagine the situation of a house where a student is going to appear in the Board exam, I will tell you. You will see the parents in full tension. What all to do that the child tops the list. A pin- drop silence is tried to be maintained in the house. No one will watch any kind of news or TV serial or else he would also get distracted. He is pushed to join coaching classes after school because they think that, he should study something extra if he wants to achieve something. Now let’s have a look at the routine- waking up at 5 in the early morning and going for the self- study. After 2 hours, get ready for school. Immediately after returning from school, get some lunch and again rush to the coaching institute which almost everyone starts around 4 pm. It will end around 8 pm in the evening and the child will return around 8:30. Gets fresh and has dinner. Time is around 9:30. Gets back to study, completes the homework given at school and does a revision of whatever taught at the coaching. Gets done with everything around 1:00 am. Finally goes to sleep and again to wake up at 5:00 am.

Now tell me, apart from those four or five hours of sleep, has he taken any kind of break. Not really. Okay, may be a five or ten minute break might be there, but the mind is not at all refreshed. He has not even gone out for some fresh air. A seven to eight hours of sleep, which even doctors say is important for the health, he is also deprived of that. If a normal guy is following this time table, wouldn’t there be ill effects on his health? It is totally unimaginable, what kind and what level of stress does that young minds handle because he has to fulfil everyone’s expectations. No doubt, expectations increases motivation, but because of that, today, if we see the scenario, because of ignoring these kind of health issues, students of such a small age are facing depression, anxiety and stress. Yes. According to a survey, in the past 10 years, the pressure on students has increased by 50%. According to the Psychiatrists, the Board Exam phobia is preventing them to take part in extra- curricular activities like sports, which is required for the mental and physical health of the child. The time is required for parents to treat board exams as a normal exam. Parents should not try to restrict their child behind the four walls. Equal importance should be given to the health of the child. A counselling session or a kind of workshop should be organised by the schools appearing for the board exams to guide them how to cope up with the stress and how to maintain a balance between health and studies. A one- hour yoga or meditation is must for the students appearing in the Board Exams. Students should just concentrate on what is taught in the class and have faith in themselves. One thing should be kept in mind that, exam is just to test how far your concept is clear; it is not to judge your ability to do something. A very nice line I read somewhere- “A sheet of paper cannot decide my future.” Try to be Optimistic for the future.

I know it is difficult, if the situation is not what you had thought of, but one thing to keep in mind, may be the destiny has decided something else and something better for you. Try to enhance the quality which is within you. Parents should also understand that every child has its Capability. If you force him for something, he will breakdown. “Hamein bachon ko aage badhana hai, par unki zindadili ko khatam nahi karna hai”. All the child needs is just encouragement and support from his parents. With all these efforts, the child will be able to overcome all the difficulties without any breakdown and come out with flying colours.

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