Recipe : Mixed Vegetable Dosa and Paniyaram -
Recipe : Mixed Vegetable Dosa and Paniyaram
Posted 02 Mar 2017 02:01 PM


Ingredients Required:
• Mixed vegetables (beans, carrots and potato) – 1 cup, cut into small pieces.
• Fresh or frozen peas – 1 fistful. Optional.
• Onion – 1 small sliced.
• Tomato – 1 small or ½, chopped.
• Ground turmeric – ¼ tsp.
• Ground coriander – 1/2 tsp.
• Ground chili – ½ tsp.
• Ground cumin – 1/4tsp.
• Salt – to taste.

For seasoning:
• Cooking oil – 1 tbsp.
• Mustard seeds – ½ tsp.
• Cumin seeds – ¼ tsp.
• Green chili – 1, slit.
• Curry leaves – 1 sprigs.
• Asafoetida – few pinches.

Preparation Method of Mixed vegetable Masala:
1. Heat oil in a iron wok( it gives rich tastes when you use iron wok),add mustard seeds when its sputtered, add cumin seeds, green chilies and curry leaves.
2. Then add diced tomatoes and ground spices. Stir for a minute.
3. Then add chopped vegetables, mix everything together well. Add sat to taste.
4. Next, pour little water (1/4 cup),mix and cover. Let it simmer until cooked. Stir frequently.

Preparation of Vegetable Masala Dosa:
1. Heat dosa pan, when it is hot, grease with oil.
2. Then pour a ladle of dosa batter, quickly spread in a circle motion with the ladle.Make it thin.
3. Drizzle some olive oil or sesame oil, Cook in a medium flame until crispy..
4. Finally stuff the vegetable Masala in the middle Or spread half of the circle. Refer the below video.👇🏼

For Paniyaram:
1. Mix the Masala into the batter.
2. Heat the Paniyaram pan, add some oil into each mold.
3. Once hot, pour the batter, cook both sides in a medium flame.

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