Signs You've Found Your Best Friend For Life -
Signs You've Found Your Best Friend For Life
Posted 29 Nov 2016 10:53 AM

Not that you need any validation, but this will definitely remind you of your best friend and all those times you’ve spent together!

1. They know exactly how many shots you can have before you pass out and still offer you that ‘last one’.

2. You’re way beyond the stage of knowing who owes whom how much money. If you two ever run out of money at the same time, you’d probably just steal some together.

3. You guys are inseparable. No, really. You’ve dragged each other to each other’s family events just because you didn’t want to get bored. Your friends have questioned your sexual orientation at least once!

4. Even if you don’t talk to each other for a while, you start from where you left, like no time passed at all!

5. Whenever something eventful happens in your life, be it happy or embarrassing, you just HAVE to call them up and tell them about it. That very moment.

6. All your girlfriends have had a problem with them because they took up too much of your time. And that’s a great sign. Because, friends over anyone else!

7. You’ve banged their brand new car, puked on their bed, lost their phone, said the nastiest things to them after getting drunk, borrowed money that you never returned and not even once have they sent you off on a guilt trip.

8. No matter what’s going on in your lives, you’ve never been too busy for each other.

9. You know you’ll have their back even if they call you at 4 in the night because they’d do the same for you.

10. You guys don’t have to make plans to enjoy. There have been times that you two have been so broke you’ve had to share one cigarette and left over food from last night and you’ve still had the best time ever!

11. Let’s not forget the insults.

12. Formalities don’t exist in your world. You’ve forgotten each other’s birthdays shamelessly and it has never been an issue!

13. No matter what other people think of them, you think they’re frikkin’ hilarious! Sometimes, it’s just the two of you laughing hysterically at a stupid joke others don’t even understand.

14. There’s absolutely no competition amongst you two. Your dreams and aspirations aside, there’s nothing you wouldn’t want them to achieve in life. You want that MOFO to be the most successful guy in the world.

15. Years have passed. Friends and girlfriends have come and gone but somehow, this one person has always stuck around. Why, none of you really know. Because look at them. They’re ugly AF. Haha!

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