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Ram Kapoor on uniqueness of his pairing with Sakshi Tanwar: We can rely on each other
Posted 15 Apr 2017 11:29 AM

Ram kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar last appearance on the small screen together had garnered TRPs for the channel like never before and now, the same jodi is coming back but on the web platform. We are talking about Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar, who, post their Bade Acche Lagte Hai serial, took two years of a sabbatical from each other and did some impressive work individually on silver screen. The television’s hit onscreen couple is coming back in Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat, a web-series by Ekta Kapoor’s web channel, ALT Balaji.

Talking about the USP of their jodi that always brings them back together, Ram Kapoor told , “I honestly believe that two things you need, whether it is Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol or anybody, is that they both should be really good at their work and comfortable with each other. I think, luckily we have that. That’s the biggest thing. As an actor, that gives you the power to expose your extremes, to let go, which can happen only if you have a comfort level, because I know she can handle and vice-versa.”

Adding to Ram’s statement, Sakshi said, “Also, not only the character we have portrayed but the people we are in real, we are poles apart. We think like east-west, north-south. So, I guess that translates very well into the characters . We have tremendous respect for each other.”

Ram further said that as an actor, for him the medium never mattered and it should be the same for others who aspire to do good work. “As an actor, you shouldn’t differentiate between the mediums. I have worked in television for ten years, back then no one wanted to be in television serials. Now, TV has become cool but back then it wasn’t looked as a big medium but I gladly did television because for me the platform did not matter, and I never will. Jahaan accha chance mile, jahan acche logon ke sath kaam karne ko mile, whether it is film, web or theatre, I won’t mind.”

He doesn’t even fear the acceptance factor over this new world of internet as he says he and Sakshi both have proven each other quite a many times in their lives.

“Actors like us, we are lucky that we don’t have to prove ourselves anymore at least in television since we have done that more than once. We individually and together have done good work which has taken us to bigger screen. TV is home to us, we are comfortable but we do want to work and push our boundaries, do good work. We should be happy about our projects, success is secondary.”

Sakshi too added that what excited her about web-series is the fact that in this medium, “you touch the feeling but it doesn’t stay for long. You want to know what happens next, so you wait for the next episode. There’s an excitement, a thrill, which made me go on board with this project.”

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