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5 Innovative Paratha Recipes To Win At Mealtime
Posted 18 Apr 2017 03:36 PM


Parathas are undoubtedly everyone's favourite lunch, breakfast, brunch food. We might not admit it entirely, but paratha is versatile and can be eaten in so many ways and with so many additional condiments! Here are five unique parathas that you will absolutely love!

1. Exotic Veggie Paratha
We aren't just talking broccoli and mushrooms, but scallions, and asparagus and horseradish! Stuff these in your dough and have a paratha that quite honestly is like a warm salad!

2. Blue Cheese Paratha
Ooey gooey cheesy paratha that melts in your mouth is undoubtedly something we would love any time of the day -especially when served with some spicy achaar!

3. Red Pepper and Sour Cream Paratha
Granted it sounds a little off as a combination, but the spiciness of the pepper will get soaked up with the smooth tanginess of sour cream and it will be quite the fulfilling meal!

4. Honey Lachcha Paratha
This is a newer, slightly revised version of our childhood favourite cheeni paratha. Soft, layered, and lip-smackingly sweet! We can't have enough of it.

5. Peas and Avocado Paratha
Prettiest parathas ever! Green, fresh, and delicious! This recipe will make you feel healthy but because the taste is so wonderfully yum that you willingly gobble down every bit of it!

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